Hello, we would like to invite you to the 6th Anti-Sexist Practices Conference which will take place from 17 to 19 October 2014 in New Yorck and “Heilpraktikschule in Selbstverwaltung” in Bethanien (Berlin-Kreuzberg). The aim of this conference is to offer a place for networking, exchange of ideas and for getting to know each other in order to come up with and develop interventions and practices that counter the sexist, “normal” status quo. It is also a place to reflect on earlier, actual and future practices, on struggles against the everyday sexism that we are confronted with, the way how we deal with it, how we can empower ourselves and make a change.
For the conference it means that we will have three days full of workshops, presentations, theater, music, discussions and more. We as a new group, which found itself to organize the conference this year together, tried to focus on practical topics. For closing the three days, which we shared, we would like to offer an open stage that can be created together by all participants.
You can just note for you the date for the conference, send us some requests or suggestions for it or also offer a workshop. For organizing it will be helpful if you send us your wishes for spoken and/or sign language translations, sleeping place or anything else. We will do our best to fulfill these needs.
We still search for people who would like to be part of the awareness team, help with cooking, people who can offer a couch, translators for different languages.
Contact: antisexistische-praxen(AT)riseup.net

You can find the program here:


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